Life Insurance

Life Insurance Information

The Reid Insurance Agency represents Grange Life Insurance Company and Columbus Life Insurance Company. 

A number of different Life Insurance Policies and Annuities are available through the Agency. Reid Insurance Agency has a policy to fit your needs. Below is an outline of the competitive policies available. 

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Whole Life Universal Life Term Life

Whole Life

The most basic need for life insurance is to cover those costs associated with last expenses. The Whole Life plans (available with death benefits as low as 5,000) are the perfect choice to cover:
  • Funeral Bills
  • Unpaid Medical Bills
  • Outstanding Debts
  • Unpaid Taxes
These low cost burial insurance plans have level premiums and build guaranteed cash values. The cash values increase each year and are available to you should the need arise. 

Several Policy Riders are Available:
  • Spousal term rider
  • Children's Benefit
  • Annually Renewable Term

Universal Life

"Flexibility is the key"
Universal Life is a versatile insurance product that meets almost any family or business need. By selecting the premium amount and death benefit option you can tailor your insurance plan to meet your specific financial needs. Over time you can change these options, increase or decrease your coverage and increase or decrease your premium payments. 

You choose the premium that fits your budget and needs.
You determine the premium, within a minimum and maximum that fits your financial needs. Whether you are saving for the future or trying to minimize your initial premiums for a permanent insurance plan, a Universal Life Policy can be the right plan for you. 

Level or Increasing Death Benefit
You select the death benefit option that fits your needs. Select a level death benefit to maximize your cash value growth, or choose an increasing death benefit to have your cash values added to your death benefit. In fact, should your needs change you can change the death benefit option. 

Competitive Interest Rates
The current interest rate applied to your cash value is competitive with other savings vehicles such as Money Markets and certificates of Deposit.

Several Policy Riders are available:
  • Primary Insured
  • Spouse Life Insurance Rider
  • Children's Life Insurance Rider
  • Waiver of the cost of Insurance Rider (For Disability)
  • Guaranteed Insurability Option (Future Purchase)

Term Life

"The Life Insurance You Need - At A Price You Can Afford"
Our Term Life Insurance Plans provide the maximum coverage for your premium dollar. Level term periods of five, ten, fifteen and twenty and even thirty years are available, letting you tailor your insurance plan to match the needs of your family or business. Our low-cost term products are the perfect solution to cover car loans, mortgages and other financial obligations. 

Several Policy Riders are Available:
  • Spouse Life Insurance Rider
  • Children's Life Insurance Rider
  • Waiver of the cost of Insurance Rider (for disability)

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